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Directions To The Alaskan Wildwood Ranch®

From mile 156.7 of the Sterling Highway, at the flashing light in Anchor Point, turn East (or towards the hills) onto North Fork Road. You will travel on the North Fork Road to about mile 8.5 and there you will see a turn off to Nikolaevsk Road. Take a left onto Nikolaevsk Road and follow that back until you reach a sharp 90 degree turn to the right. There you will see a fire department building which looks like an airplane hanger. The road just before that is Kostino Road. Turn left onto Kostino Road and follow it to the left 90 degree turn. Instead of turning left there at the 90 onto Tomski Road, you will proceed Straight into what looks like a driveway. There is the old rust colored gate posts and the road will go down into a dip which is the Entrance to the Alaskan Wildwood Ranch®.

Once you have entered the Alaskan Wildwood Ranch®, you will cross a bridge and go up the other side of the dip.

From there, it will be mostly flat the rest of the way through the ranch. You will see a large greenhouse setup on your right as you enter. Continue straight there and when the road looks like you hit a “Y”, stay to the left. From there refer to the available properties map or contact us and we can direct you through the Alaskan Wildwood Ranch® at this time. There is about 2.5 miles of road beyond this point with available properties on both sides throughout. Properties with a red “S” on the map are Sold. Properties with their assigned numbers still there are available.


You can utilize the Kenai Peninsula Borough Parcel Viewer with your location services turned on to direct you to each available lot by using the following link:

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Alaskan Wildwood Ranch

Living At The Alaskan Wildwood Ranch®

The Alaskan Wildwood Ranch® offers the residents a true Alaskan Life. From hunting out your back door, to 4 wheeling, snow machining, horseback riding and more. Fishing nearby and a 25 to 35 minute drive to the beach. Residents enjoy beautiful views whether it’s one of the grand volcano’s across the inlet, Mount Iliamna or Mount Redoubt, or views of the caribou hills to the East. The Alaskan Wildwood Ranch® provides you with living out in the woods of Alaska without the extreme remote setting. There is road access to the Alaskan Wildwood Ranch®, yet the residents live off the grid with alternative electric. With the road access, many can still commute to employment, have water wells and septic system installers access their property, and drive to amenities nearby.

There are many full time residents and some recreational residents. Either route you want to go, the Alaskan Wildwood Ranch® offers that. You are welcome to build your recreational cabin, year round cabin, homestead, small to large farm or even your large dream home. There are NO building covenants allowing you to build the cabin or home you want.

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Learn About Owner Financing

Whether you are new to owner financing or would like to learn more about what the Alaskan Wildwood Ranch® offers, visit our owner financing section. We provide you with a detailed breakdown of what to expect, the process and how to get started. We have many great options and would be happy to discuss the with you.