HB2 Alaskan Wildwood Ranch® | 27.64 Acres | Alaska Land For Sale


27.64 acres available with easy owner financing



HB2 is 27.64 acres at $46,900 for three properties. Each of the properties are around 9 acres each. No building covenants or zoning. Dirt Road/Trail access to the western end of the properties using Blacktail Drive. Great views and lots of trails to play and hunt on. EASY Owner Financing! Includes H25, H26 & H27.

  • Non maintained access
  • Annual estimated taxes: $324.50
  • 27.64 Acres
  • No known creeks or rivers onsite

Owner Financing Offered:

  • $4690 Down Payment
  • $407.34 per month for 20 years including 10% interest per annum
  • No prepayment penalties.

Call Alaskan Life Realty LLC for more information at 907-346-7620

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